El Camino Real–Northern Liberties

El Camino Real–Northern Liberties

So we finally made it to the grocery store!

But before we made it– we were both feeling a little grumpy from the lack of breakfast, so we decided to stop for brunch. We were looking for a restaurant close to the grocery store…but we were a little at a loss since we decided to shop at an atypical spot. We parked the car and decided to just walk the main strip in Northern Liberties by the Piazza. We actually ended up stopping at the restaurant we first walked past, El Camino Real, because the smell of BBQ was overwhelming fantastic.

We entered the restaurant and to be quite honest felt a bit awkward because neither of the hostesses acknowledged us. We kind of stood there making uncomfortable eye contact until the hostess finally decided to seat us. I was pleasantly surprised by the brunch menu as there were a lot of options–and a lot of options that included BBQ. Our waitress was sweet and our food came out promptly. Matt decided on the Chicken and Biscuits and I went for the Brisket hash.

The Breakdown

  • Chicken & Biscuits: Fried chicken tenders on biscuits smothered in sausage gravy. Served with a side salad.
  • Brisket Hash: Fried potatoes, various peppers, corn, and onions–topped with an egg of your choice, I chose egg whites only. Served with a side of Texas toast.
Matt was pretty happy with his dish–I though that the gravy was bland and needed a heaping addition of fresh cracked black pepper. This chicken was good–but most likely straight from the freezer to the fryer. The biscuits were a little dense but pretty good flavor over all. He didn’t touch the salad at all because it was drenched in dressing. He gave it about a 2.5 out of 5, with 5 being the best thing he’s ever ate.
My dish was good but was in a DESPERATE need of some sort of sauce to bring it all together. The brisket was tender but with the fried potato combination, it all read as a bit dry. I had to add hot sauce to actually cut some of the dryness–which isn’t like me at all. All in all it was just okay for me…maybe a 2 out of 5. I’m not sure I’d do brunch there again but the scene was cool enough for me to check it out again for a weekend night dinner.

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