Refreshing Peach & Mint Iced Tea

Refreshing Peach & Mint Iced Tea

A few weeks ago, Matt & I went out with two of our very great friends Greg & Katee. They brought us to a restaurant called Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant in West Chester, PA. The food was great but the stand out item for me was the peach iced tea. I never used to like iced tea–but my very midwestern husband has converted me to a sweet tea sipping fanatic. Ever since Matt & I tasted the peach tea we have been obsessed with the stuff–seriously, drinking it by the gallons. I have since been working on a recipe and I think I’ve done it! It’s super easy too and stores well in the fridge for a few days…that is, if it even lasts that long.


Recipe makes 1 gallon

  • 2-3 Ripe Peaches
  • Sugar
  • Tea bags–I use the Lipton Cold Brew but definitely use your favorite
  • Fresh mintoptional 
  • Cheese cloth or a coffee filter
How To:
  • Add 1 cup sugar to 1.5 cups of water in a saucepannot the traditional simple syrup recipe, but I wanted to keep it lower calorie–plus it’s plenty sweet for me & you can always add more sugar to your individual glass
  • Slice peaches into segments–feel free to leave the skin on
  • Add peaches to the sugar solution and put on medium-high heat on the stove
  • Bring to a rapid boil and reduce heat–I let mine simmer  for 8-10 minutes, but keep an eye on it so it does not burn
  • Use an immersion blender or a cocktail muddler to break up the peaches
  • Allow the mixture to hang on the stove for a while to cool and do it’s thing–about an hour or so
  • Once the mixture is cooled, strain the mixture using the cheese cloth or coffee filter
  • Add mixture to your brewed iced tea–we like ours strong, so I typically use 3 of the large Lipton Cold Brew tea bags

If you like mint with your ice tea, I suggest breaking a few leaves off and adding it to your glass with ice cubes. Use your cocktail muddler to help break up the mint leaves and to really release their flavor–if you don’t have a cocktail muddler use a spoon to help crush the mint leaves with the ice cubes. Garnish with a peach slice or raspberry and a sprig of mint. Enjoy! It’s an amazing summer cocktail…I bet a splash of vodka wouldn’t be half bad either…


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