Vanilla Almond French Toast Sticks

Vanilla Almond French Toast Sticks

Matt informed me last night before we went to bed that he had a serious craving for french toast. I prefer pancakes–and have an amazing recipe that I’m sure will make an appearance soon–but I agreed to make some for him. I think french toast has a narrow window to get it right or make it not so tasty. I may be the only person on the planet that believes this, but for me it’s so true. Here’s my reasoning–sometimes when you order out at restaurants, your french toast isn’t delivered to your table in the light yet slightly crisp delicious form. Instead it’s delivered tasting as what I describe as–eggy. There’s that whole outside layer that resembles more of a fried egg than french toast. It kind of makes me gag just thinking about it. Fried eggs and I don’t have the most friendly relationship. I sometimes find them slimey and unpalatable. Maybe this experience was my entire reason for transforming into more of a pancake girl.

Anyhow, I woke up before Matt this morning and was able to sneak into the kitchen without disturbing him. I decided on french toast sticks mainly because I just purchased this awesome bread cutting knife from Crate & Barrel. It’s called the PureKomachi 2–I think it usually goes for something like $11 bucks, but I got it on sale for $3. Score. I’m like a man with electronics when it comes to kitchen gadgets–I want to use them ASAP. It works great by the way…highly recommended if you find yourself in C&B this week…

Since I’m so anti-french toast I wanted to create something a little bit different–and I totally think I nailed it.

The Ingredients:

  • 100% Whole wheat bread–or your favorite french toast making bread. I used 6 slices–each slice makes 2 french toast sticks if you cut them the long way. 
  • 2 eggs
  • Milk
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Almond Extract
  • Powdered Sugar for dusting 

How to:

  • Crack 2 eggs into a shallow bowl
  • Add a generous splash of milk–I probably add more milk than the average person to avoid that terrible eggy phenomena I described
  • Add 1/2 tsp Cinnamon & a pinch of Nutmeg to your egg mixture
  • Add a capful–approx. 1 tsp –of Vanilla extract to your egg mixture; make sure it is the REAL stuff and not the imitation version–it makes a HUGE difference. Splurge on the $10 good stuff at the grocery–it will change your baking world & last quite a while. Promise.
  • Add a 1/2 tsp of Almond Extract
  • Whisk the mixture well to incorporate all the ingredients–at this time it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get your pan preheating on the stove 
  • Your egg mixture is now set–on to the bread: Cut off the crusts and cut your bread into two sticks per slice
  • Submerge each stick into the egg mixture allowing the bread to soak up all of the yummy goodness
  • Add a little butter to your preheated pan so the french toast doesn’t stick–Tip: I have a stick of butter I use only for this cause–I keep it in the wrapper and just swirl the exposed end on the hot pan, it gives you the perfect amount to just lightly coat the pan
  • Add your french toast sticks to your preheated greased pan and allow them to brown before flipping–about 90 seconds or so
  • Flip and continue to brown 
  • Plate the sticks and garnish with fresh fruit, honey or maple syrup, and dust lightly with powdered sugar

Matt loved them! I actually had a few left over sticks that I am going to attempt to put in the toaster tomorrow to see if they’ll reheat well that way. I’ll let you know if this is a good option to make in advance for breakfast throughout the week.


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