The Perfect Summertime Snack–Fresh Fruit Salad

The Perfect Summertime Snack–Fresh Fruit Salad

Summer is great for a lot of things…sun tans, BBQs, outside sporting events…but out of all perks of summer, I’d say my favorite is the overabundance of fresh, delicious fruit. As much as I love sweets like chocolate–I’d still take this sweet treat over any cake or cookie any day. So if you are looking for a light, refreshing snack go to the grocery store and stock up your refrigerator. Prices are so low on fresh fruit currently and it’s an easy way to ensure you’re snacking healthy. Add your favorites to a bowl with a little lemon juice and enjoy. My fruit salad contained: watermelon, plums, sliced strawberries, raspberries, cherries, & blueberries. I topped it with a little whipped cream–I feel like that tiny addition helps it read as a dessert and cuts my craving for all things junk later. You can also serve this as a side for dinner–it tastes great with grilled chicken or fish–plus it’s a light way to help fill you up so you don’t consume a high calorie dinner. I was always taught to: “Eat like a King at breakfast, a Queen at lunch, and a Peasant at dinner”. It’s a great strategy because it allows you to burn off all the calories while you are the most active during the day. If you want to eat it for breakfast–top with some greek yogurt and a sprinkle of granola. Keep an eye out for my own homemade agave granola–it’s the best.


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