Hi! I’m Meggan. I’ve decided to join my two favorite things: cooking & anatomy. Cooking and anatomy you ask? Don’t worry for all of you that have squeamish bellies! It’s not as it sounds!

Here’s a little background that may help clear things up: I am a Physician Assistant student that has a lot of stress! My main stress reliever (and sanity maintainer!) is creating something delicious in the kitchen. I especially love to bake but I love to experiment with recipes old and new to add my own twist. I always joke that when I retire, I’ll open up my very own restaurant. Lucky for me, I’ve found two passions in life…two passions that I’m not half bad at;)

So the name you ask?

Well here’s how I view it: the study of anatomy often requires one to “break down” a large picture into the small components that comprise it to figure out exactly how it functions…well, I kind of view cooking the same way. Figuring out how the small pieces can come together to form something greater and maintain a balance is what it’s all about.

Still confused? Well we can even treat this like an anatomy course if you’d like–lots of pictures & instructions…you know-the boring stuff. No worries, I promise to add plenty of anecdotes and great instructions to ensure you all get an A in the kitchen! I hope this blog can be like a manual of sorts. Anyone that has taken an Anatomy course, knows the key to success is a good manual! (if you’ve never taken an anatomy course…believe me, this “manual” will be a lot more fun!) My goal is to help orientate beginners to the kitchen and provide “instructions” (mere suggestions really!) to deliver yummy results. Seasoned veterans–go ahead and give me advice! I love to learn and consider myself a professional student. I hope to dissect these recipes with you to learn what works and what doesn’t. I look forward to the culinary adventures ahead!

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  1. It had been awhile since I visited your site and I’m glad that I took the time to do so tonight. I learned alot about you, and I learned alot, in general! Like you, I enjoy experimenting with (and reading) different recipes. I have most of my grandma’s cookbooks and recipes. I love getting them out and looking thru them… She would write “delicious” or give “stars” to certain recipes. Takes me back to some very fond memories! Love ya Meggan!.

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