Monthly Archives: February 2013

I baked you something sweet for my SITS day!


Hello SITStahs!

Thanks for taking time out of your very busy days to come and check out what kitchen anatomy is all about! Since you are all my guests, I baked you something sweet. I wanted to make sure you were treated like my friends and if you are my friend, you are spoiled with lots of delicious treats. I decided to make some amazing mini angel food cupcakes with homemade fresh strawberry buttercream frosting in your honor. Since we’re virtual friends, I’ll be sure to enjoy each and every one of them while paying my gratitude to all of you. The calories don’t count if you’re doing it for friends right? That’s what I’ll tell myself at least…


Interested in the recipe? Stop back by later this week…I’m studying for a rather large (33% of my grade) pharmacology exam that is consuming my life for the near future. I promise to share it and you definitely don’t want to miss it. Ah, the joys of being a Physician Assistant student…never quite enough time in the day!

I appreciate you stopping by and look forward to visiting your website and seeing what you are all about! I hope you enjoy some of the recipes I created and that you are able to incorporate some of my creations into your recipe repertories. If you were looking for a specific recipe and don’t find it here, I would love some request. I love the challenge of creating new things in the kitchen.

Thanks again for stopping in! I hope you enjoyed it!